Adventure Mode

Basic Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is our non-custodial staking system which will be ready around the time our initial compounding ends.

A simple process of placing your Fuzzy Fellas in Adventure Mode will be required in order to earn rewards for each rewards period. This must be done during a set time window in order to secure all rewards. This will be announced in advance on the website, X, and Discord.

If Fuzzy Fellas ever leave a wallet (stake address) for any reason, including listing on a marketplace, they will exit Adventure Mode and become ineligible for the given rewards period.


In the future, contingent on the ongoing success of our mining operation, we intend to augment the basic Adventure Mode with an entirely optional, but more interactive and gamified experience. This is intended to add an engaging layer to the project, but participation will not be required to earn full mining rewards.

If choosing to participate, Fuzzy Fellas can be selected and equipped for a variety of different Adventures. The success rate will depend on the strengths and weaknesses of the chosen Fuzzy Fellas and their equipment.

Fuzzy Fellas will earn experience points and eventually level up from participating in missions. Successful Adventures can also yield new equipment and cosmetically-focused blockchain-based rewards.

Burning meteor
Small moon
Large moon