Welcome to the Fuzz Paper. Fuzzy Fellas is a digital collectible project featuring art created by world-class 3D artist Chris Schofield. For almost two years, our team has been working diligently to launch an offering that is both artistically captivating and rewarding to be a part of.

Utility Overview

Working in partnership with Goofy Gophers Mining Club, Fuzzy Fellas aims to offer individuals an introduction to the world of cryptocurrency mining through a fun and positive community centered around whimsical fuzzy space adventurers. Collectors will have exposure to rewards from our ASIC miners.

The management of the crypto mining farm will be handled by experienced professionals. Holders need not worry about technical details, power requirements, maintenance, or insurance, and are free to focus on the broader picture and community. They need only take a simple action on our website to claim their bonus rewards.

By collecting Fuzzy Fellas, you’re not just getting a high quality, one of a kind digital art piece; you’re opening a portal to the world of crypto mining.


Fuzzy Fellas Roadmap
The Fuzzy Fellas Roadmap
Burning meteor
Small moon
Large moon