During the time leading up to the Fuzzy Fellas mint, Snowball redemption codes will be given away through various means. These codes allow the recipient to mint one Snowball digital collectible on the Snowball redemption page. The redeemer will only need to pay a small blockchain fee to receive their free Snowball.


The Snowball is a unique digital collectible that features stellar animated 3D art from our artist Chris Schofield. Coming in one of 17 color variants, this Snowball will function as a whitelist token for the Fuzzy Fellas mint, guaranteeing the holder the opportunity to purchase one Fuzzy Fellas digital collectible during the Wombali Festival.


Still images of the 3D Fuzzy Fellas Snowballs
Still previews of Fuzzy Fellas Snowballs variations

Used Snowballs

Snowballs may be used once in the Pre-Sale, and once in the Main Sale.

When a Snowball is redeemed for a Fuzzy Fella during the Main Sale Wombali Festival, it will be renamed to Melted Snowball. The Melted Snowball will be returned to the original holder with the art and rest of the metadata intact.

After the Wombali Festival has ended, all Snowballs will change to Melted Snowballs and will no longer be redeemable for a Fuzzy Fella.

Future Uses

The Melted Snowballs may or may not be useful in future utilities, such as in Adventure Mode.

Policy ID

The policy ID of Snowballs is: 1b51b9e904971a91582cbd8ee2e3eac95f011774480c7a6df325f6de

Burning meteor
Small moon
Large moon