Changing Landscape

All information, statistics, stated plans, and projections contained within this whitepaper are based on data available at the time of publication. Circumstances may change, requiring adjustments to strategies, methodologies, or timelines. As such, readers are advised to regard this content as illustrative and subject to modification.

Value of Cryptocurrency

While the cryptocurrencies we will be mining are currently valued on the open market, it is important to note that past performance is not indicative of future results. Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, and no one can reliably predict the price. There are many variables outside of our control that can affect any potential rewards.

No profit, return, or reward is guaranteed. All cryptocurrency assets, including our digital collectibles, and the coins we will be mining, have the potential to decrease to as little as zero value, and should not be considered an investment. You should always consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

No information contained within this paper should be construed as financial advice. All predictions and rewards discussed are purely theoretical.

Participation Requirement

All rewards discussed in this paper require participation in a basic, non-custodial confirmation of ownership called Adventure Mode. Failure to participate during the pre-defined periods of time will result in forfeiture of rewards for that period of time.

By participating in Adventure Mode, you agree that you accept the responsibility to do your own due dilligence with regard to legal or statutory requirements in your country of citizenship and/or residence. You are also responsible for fulfilling all taxation requirements that may or may not occur as a result of any rewards earned.

Intellectual Property

The purchase of a Fuzzy Fellas digital collectible does not confer any amount of ownership in Fuzzy Fellas, any of its partners, intellectual property or assets.


By purchasing or otherwise acquiring a Fuzzy Fellas collectible you agree to the digital collectible terms available on our website at FuzzyFellas.io.

By using this website you agree to the website terms and are subject to our privacy policy available on our website at FuzzyFellas.io.

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