Wombali Festival


Every Lunisolar Eclipse, Fuzzy Fellas gather from across the cosmos to witness the birth of new members of the Fuzzy tribe. They call this the Wombali Festival.


The Wombali Festival is the whitelist style minting period, open exclusively to holders of Snowballs. All holders of a Snowball who redeem it and pay the minting cost during this period will be guaranteed a Fuzzy Fella.

Snowball holders can mint at any time during this period to receive their guaranteed option to mint. However, if they do not mint during this period they will lose their guaranteed mint. They may still attempt to mint during the Wombali Afterparty with the general public.


The pricing for Snowball holders during the Wombali Festival will be slightly discounted compared to the Afterparty.

Due to the constantly changing variables, the prices for the sale will not be announced until the day before the sale. The approximate target for the Pre-Sale is $125 USDT worth of ADA.


The first Wombali Festival (pre-sale) starts Sunday, February 25 at approximately 15:00 UTC / 10AM EST and lasts for 24 hours.

The second Wombali Festival (main sale) date is to be determined.

Shrouded previews of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Metallic Fuzzies
Wombali Festival UI Art
Burning meteor
Small moon
Large moon